Tema: “
Functional study of genes involved in seed and seedling development in maize”          
Expositora: Dra. Gabriella Consonni (Universidad de Milan)
Fecha: Lunes 10 de diciembre
13:30 hs
 Auditorio CERZOS-CONICET BAHIA BLANCA -  Edificio E1, Camino de la Carrindanga Km 7.


The maize species has always been considered as a model for genetic, genomic and cellular analysis and is among the first four crops worldwide. This seminar will present a work carried out in this species aimed at the isolation and characterization of key developmental and adaptation genes. Empty pericarp (emp) genes have been detected through the characterization of transposon tagged mutants exhibiting almost totally suppressed endosperm and a poorly developed embryo. These genes are involved in the differentiation of the main kernel domains and in the grain filling process.