“Genetic regulation of cuticle development in maize: an environmental adaptation point of view”   
Expositora: Dra. Giulia Castorina (Universidad de Milan)
Fecha: Lunes 10 de diciembre
14 hs
 Auditorio CERZOS-CONICET BAHIA BLANCA -  Edificio E1, Camino de la Carrindanga Km 7.


The cuticle is the outer hydrophobic layer covering the epidermal cells of aerial plant organs and it has been shown to have important functions in plant and floral development. However, genetic and hormone regulation of cuticle pathways in maize are still poorly understood.

Our aim is the functional characterization of the ZmMYB94/Fused leaves1 (Fdl1) transcription factor, a key regulator of cuticle deposition in maize. To gain insight into the role of FDL1 and FDL1-dependent genetic regulation of cuticle biosynthesis we analysed the biochemical profile of fdl1-1 mutant and we also performed an Illumina based RNA-sequencing experiment in fdl1-1 mutant and wildtype plants.